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*Before starting this routine you should be evaluated and cleared by a trained physician.

B - Bike

- Light Aerobic Activity Phase
- Goal is to increase your heartrate
- 10-20 minutes in duration

R - Run

- Moderate Aerobic Activity Phase
- Goal is to return to a base level of fitness
- Running or jogging for 20-30 minutes


- Sport Specific Activity
- Goal is to return to soccer skills
- Work on passing, shooting, footwork with a ball on a soccer field
- Max 60 minutes of activity
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I - In Another Color

- Non-Contact Return to Practice
- Goal is to return to a team setting without entering into contact activity
- Allow for reaclimation to being around others
- Can be done in practice setting or with other athletes that understand restrictions
- Important for the all members of the team understand players limitations

N - No Restrictions

- Goal is full return to practice with a medical clearance from a physician
- Full return should be first done in a practice not a game

These guidelines should be followed as well as being seen by a trained physician. Arizona FC will takes concussions very seriously and will be sure to follow the guidelines set for by the CDC & AYSA. We appreciate the parents and players patience in making sure they are ready and healthy enough to play. Parents should take an active role in learning more about these and other injuries and make sure to watch for injuries such as concussions or other injuries and should alert coaches and/or Arizona FC staff about any injuries or concerns. When the parent is alerted by coaches or staff it is the parents responsibility to set and attend physician appointment for player and to make sure the Concussion Return to Play Form is completed and returned to staff so that the player can be cleared to play. Players that are injured during game and parents are not available may be transported by emergency services to the proper medical facility at the parents expense.

More Useful Links

Click here to link go to the CDC to learn more about concussions.

HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports is a free, online course available to coaches, parents, and others helping to keep athletes safe from concussion.
Click here to take the class

More information about concussions from AYSA & Banner Health
Click here to visit page

Please use the link below to download the AYSA CONCUSSION RETURN TO PLAY - PHYSICIAN FORM.

Concussion Return to Play Form

This form must be completed by a trained physician before the player can return to practice and/or games.

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